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female samurai warrior fantasy women art heavy metal
Heavy metal art women are some of my favorite drawings. I have been reading the magazine for at least a decade and was lucky to stumble upon an old comic store selling hundreds of the mags for pennies a pop

heavy metal art women fantasy art warrior women
Female viking warriors were some of the first to fight there way into the history books. While the viking males are off pillaging and raping foreigners. The housewives were forced to stay home and defend the property from outside threats
sexy female warrior illustrated art pictures
fantasy art warrior women have been frolicking in the minds of men for ages. Something about a woman strapping on weapons and braving the amazons cutting down any enemy in their path is erotic to say the least
amazon women warriors pictures female fighter soldier
fantasy warrior woman with dual assault rifles and the bare minimum of armor for the viewers pleasure. Not sure how effective it would be in real combat
pictures female warriors fantasy art
Bloody lingerie and a massive skull on this female warriors head are both intimidating and sexy at the same time. A combo unseen till now

fantasy warrior women art fantastic fighting female
This sexy female warrior, created by one of the many heavy metal magazine illustrators, is the first in a series titled: Amazon warriors women. The series features a beautifully drawn cast of females all deadlier then the next who frolic through the amazons treacherous jungles battling forces of evil
heavy metal women warrior pictures and illustrations
A break from the illustrated woman above is a warrior women fantasy art muse. One who poses in different positions to inspire the artist and help fuel creativity

Fantasy warrior women are often depicted with exaggerated features and minimized armor. Tattoos, scars and blood stains change an ordinary girl into a menacing creation that intrigues and intimidates. Dark scenery and filthy torn garments only accentuate the milky white and smooth skin leaving a small trace of femininity that separates a sexy Aztec warrior princess from a mean butch that could easily pass for a lesbian.
aztec women warriors female amazons
Female warriors exist throughout history, Joan of Arc and Jeanne Hachette come to mind, and still they maintain feminine traits by raising families and doing motherly deeds. To find more pictures female warriors throughout history check out Wikipedia's list of famous female warriors
celtic warrior women fantasy artistic drawings and graphics
The above Aztec warrior princess is one of Heavy metal magazines most prized creations. She is the star of the ongoing series and has hacked and sliced through many a worthy foe. I would love to see a full movie created based on this fantasy art female warrior
pictures of ancient warriors women females
the native warrior above is a creation from one of the many artists who showcase their artwork on Deviant Art - fantasy art section. No where on the net, that I have found, holds a larger collection of amazing works created by some of the greatest illustrators alive.
aztec princess warrior woman fantasy art pictures
Sept 2004's issue of Heavy Metal Magazine, the adult illustrated fantasy magazine's cover artwork is brilliant. From the great color selection to the very fine detail in all of this warriors weapons and armor this is truly a masterpiece.

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